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2019-20 Omnibus Rulemaking

In accordance with Governor Little’s Red Tape Reduction Act, Executive Order No. 2019-02, ISWCC has reviewed our existing rules to "identify costly, ineffective, or outdated regulations" for elimination. The Governor will approve the issuance of Temporary Rules for those rules deemed necessary to keep the State functioning effectively. 

Rules to be Allowed to Expire

After meetings with staff from the Division of Financial Management (DFM), ISWCC has determined that two of our rules are not likely to be considered for extension and we have proposed that they be allowed to expire.

60.05.02 The Antidegradation Plan for Agriculture for the Idaho Soil Conservation Commission and Soil Conservation Districts. Reinstatement of this rule is not critical since it can be referenced in IDAPA 60.05.04 – Rules for Allocation of Funds to Conservation Districts, and in our District Reference Manual policy document.

60.05.03 Rules for Administration of Agricultural Water Quality Cost-Share Program for Idaho. Reinstatement of this rule is not critical since the Water Quality Program for Agriculture has not received Legislative appropriations for close to ten years.  The Commission has sought funding, and plans to continue to seek funding, for critical water quality project implementation. When funding is restored, these rules would be critical, however the Commission recognizes that absent program funding these rules are not now critical.

Rules to be Submitted for Reauthorization

ISWCC has requested the following rules be reauthorized, with minor adjustments, as Temporary and Proposed rules on June 30th, 2019.

60.05.01 Rules for Administration of the Idaho Resource Conservation and Rangeland Development Program

60.05.04 Rules for Allocation of Funds to Conservation Districts

Additional documents related to FY2019-20 ISWCC Omnibus Rulemaking:


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