Conservation the Idaho Way: Sowing Seeds of Stewardship.


 The Administrator is responsible for the day to day operation of the Conservation Commission and reports to Commissioners and oversees 17.75 technical and administrative staff. Technical experts are located in offices around the State (co-located with local conservation districts within U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) field offices). Their time is distributed between providing district support and operating programs for which we’re responsible under state statute.


Northern Idaho

Eastern Idaho

Central Idaho

  • Chuck Pentzer

    Chuck Pentzer
    Agricultural Program Specialist, CREP Coordinator
    Phone Number: 208-332-1794
    Alternate Number: 208-810-0765

  • Rob Sharpnack

    Rob Sharpnack
    Water Quality Resource Conservationist
    Phone Number: 208-944-3783
    Alternate Number: 208-810-0768

  • Loretta Strickland

    Loretta Strickland
    Water Quality Resource Conservationist
    Phone Number: 208-963-4694
    Alternate Number: 208-810-0769
    Fax Number: 208-332-1799

Southwest Idaho

  • Delwyne Trefz

    Delwyne Trefz
    District Support Services Specialist
    Phone Number: 208-332-1796
    Alternate Number: 208-810-0770

  • Jon Beals

    Jon Beals
    Water Quality Resource Conservationist
    Phone Number: (208)810-0764
    Alternate Number: (208)896-4544 x109
    Fax Number: (208)332-1799