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Proposed 2019-20 RCRDP Administrative Rule Changes

The Idaho Soil & Water Conservation Commission intends to promulgate a change in the rules for the administration of the Resource Conservation & Rangeland Development Program (RCRDP) (60.50.01).

Below are links to the listed documents.

To view the Commission’s RCRDP proposed rules and their changes click here “Draft Proposed Rule Changes.”

ISWCC has received guidance from the Office of Administrative Rules to incorporate the RCRDP rulemaking (Docket #60-0501-1901) into the Omnibus rulemaking (Docket #60-0000-1900F). A notice of vacation of Docket #60-0501-1901 will be posted in the January 2020 Rules Bulletin. A copy of the bulletin notice for the updated Omnibus rulemaking docket can be viewed by clicking here.

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