Resource Conservation & Range Development Loan Program

Currently, there is a single loam limit of $200,000 and $300,000 maximum for any individual borrower.  Loan rates are:

  • 2.5% for a 1- to 7-year term
  • 2.75% for a 8- to 10-year term
  • 3% for an 8- to 12-year term
  • 3.5% for a 13- to 15-year term loan
  • 5% with new equipment & 2nd mortgages as collateral
  • 6% with used equipment & 2nd mortgages as collateral

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The Conservation Commission invites landowners to apply for low-interest loans to install conservation measures on private property. Eligible projects address soil and water issues, like improving riparian areas or enhancing fish and wildlife habitat.

A partial list of eligible projects includes:

  • Irrigation equipment
  • No-till drills
  • Animal feeding operation improvements
  • Livestock fencing
  • Stream bank protection

How to Apply

  1. Contact us (see contacts below) to discuss your conservation project. Very important!
  2. To qualify for a low-interest loan, a conservation plan must be in place (conserving water and reducing soil erosion, for example). Our staff can help develop your conservation plan.
  3. Landowners need to talk with their local conservation district about the conservation project. The district is required to review and rank the project before the loan application is submitted to the conservation commission.
  4. Submit your completed confidential loan application and required supporting documnets directly to the Conservation Commission.

Click here for instructions for completing and remitting forms.

Have questions? See our FAQ for answers to questions about our low-interest loan program.

Please note: Low interest conservation loans are for new projects only. The Commission does not refinance already funded or completed projects. 

For more information, contact loan officer Terry Hoebelheinrich,, Cheryl Wilson, or call 208-332-1790.