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Conservation Programs

Incentive-based Programs

Resource Conservation and Rangeland Development Loan Program (RCRDP) - Landowners apply here for low-interest loans to install conservation measures on private property.

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) – The Conservation Commission works collaboratively with other state and federal agencies to offer CREP, a federal program which providing financial incentives to landowners to reduce ground water consumption in the Snake River Plain Aquifer by taking marginal farm ground out of production.

Planning & Delivery Programs

Water Quality - The Commission coordinates variety of nonpoint source efforts to improve Idaho's water quality including preparing Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) implementation plans, overseeing districts' Antidegradation Plans (Five Year Plans), and Ground Water Quality Programs. All of these are designed to improve water quality in surface and ground water that has been impacted by Agricultural runoff.

Unfunded Programs. By statute, the Commission is responsible to provide the following programs, however no funding is currently appropriated with which to operate them:

  • Idaho OnePlan - Online Conservation Planning for farm/ranch properties.
  • Water Quality Program for Agriculture (WQPA) - Idaho Code: §22-2734; IDAPA 02.05.03
  • Conservation Improvement Grants - Idaho Code: §22-2733
  • Carbon Sequestration – Idaho Code: §22-5201, et. seq.
  • Idaho Ag Pollution Abatement Plan (funded received in FY 2014 to update Plan) - Idaho Code: §39-3601; IDAPA 02.03.01; IDAPA 02.05.02; Federal: Clean Water Act (PL 92-500, §208)
  • Watershed Improvement District Formation and Dissolution - Idaho Code: §42-3701, et. seq.

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