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Public Records Requests

A public records request includes (but is not limited to) written documents and electronic files containing information relating to the conduct or administration of the public’s business that have been prepared, owned, used or retained by the Commission. The public may request (in writing) to examine or copy these types of public records under Idaho Public Records Law. Most agency records are available to the public, but certain records may be withheld from disclosure due to their confidential nature. Exceptions to public record disclosure are described in the Attorney General’s Idaho Public Records Law Manual.

Public records request forms can be submitted via fax, mail, email, or hand delivery to any Commission office.

Public Records Request Policy

Public Records Request Form (PDF)

Public Records Request Form (Word)

Public Records Request Fees

Idaho Code authorizes the Commission to establish a copying fee schedule reflecting the actual copying costs. No administrative or labor costs resulting from locating and providing a copy of the public record may be charged unless the request is for more than one hundred (100) pages, includes records from which nonpublic information must be deleted, or the actual labor associated with locating and copying documents for a request exceeds two person hours.

Fee Waiver Request Form

Videos About Public Records

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