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District Training

Conservation District Supervisors’ Handbook

Learn about things you need to know to faithfully discharge the duties of and Idaho Conservation District Supervisor.

Idaho District Employees Association Training Series (IDEA) Training Series

For Supervisors and employees – help getting up to speed on what you need to know! Scroll down to see 16 detailed how-to instructions for using Quick Books. Also:

Module 1: History of the Conservation Movement

Module 2: What is a Conservation District

Module 3: Fiduciary Responsibilities

Module 4: Legal Responsibilities

Module 5: Partnerships

Module 6: Ethics

Module 7: Local, State, and Federal Laws

Module 8: Employee Training

Module 9: Financial Training

Module 10: Resolutions

Module 11: Awareness of all Conservation Programs

Module 12: The Legislative Process

After the Election:

FAQs for on-boarding of new Supervisors.


A Primer for Students and Practitioners (University of Idaho Law School publication). Making sense of state government structure and procedures.

Ethics in Government

A guide from the Attorney General’s Office to help understand how statutes govern the ethical behavior of public officers/servants (including District Supervisors)

Federal Freedom of Information Act 

Your guide to federal records requests

Open Meeting Law Manual

A  guide for state and local governments to Idaho’s Open Meeting Act

Training Videos

Using Conservation the Idaho Way’s Project Tracker

Idaho Open Meetings Act

Open Idaho: The Law has Teeth – Explains how Idaho’s Open Meetings law works.

Open Meeting Law and Executive Sessions – When Secrecy is Permitted: Can Conservation Districts meet in Executive Session?

Public Records Requests

Open Idaho: Mind Your Business – Public Records of all forms are the public’s business and the public has a right to see them.

Open Idaho: Know Your Business – The Public Records process made clear.

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