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District Training

Reference Guides 

Conservation District Supervisors Handbook

District Allocation Information

Financial & Match Process Improvements Reference Sheet

Financial & Match Process Improvements – A look at the Commission process for FM reports, including the 28-day appeals window (.pdf)

Financial & Match Report Training – Covers the Statutes and Rules that govern FM reports (.pdf)

Financial & Match Process Improvements Memo and Updated Slides

ISWCC Special Meeting Video – YouTube video, with audio, of the Process Improvement and Report Training presentation made by ISWCC staff on 12/27/2018.

District Audit Fact Sheet

Idaho Administrative Law – A Primer for Students and Practitioners (University of Idaho Law School publication). Making sense of state government structure and procedures.

Ethics in Government – A guide from the Attorney General’s Office to help understand how statutes govern the ethical behavior of public officers/servants (including District Supervisors)

Federal Freedom of Information Act – a guide to federal records requests

Guide for School Board Candidates – We are in the process of creating an FAQ for new Supervisors. For now, many of the topics here apply to Conservation District Board Candidates 

Open Meeting Law Manual -A guide for state and local governments to Idaho’s Open Meeting Act

Training Videos

Conservation the Idaho Way’s Project Tracker

Idaho Open Meetings Act

Open Idaho: The Law has Teeth – Explains how Idaho’s Open Meetings law works.

Open Meeting Law and Executive Sessions – When Secrecy is Permitted: Can Conservation Districts meet in Executive Session?

Public Records Requests

Open Idaho: Mind Your Business – Public Records of all forms are the public’s business and the public has a right to see them.

Open Idaho: Know Your Business – The Public Records process made clear.

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