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Idaho is home to magnificent and diverse natural landscapes – rivers, lakes, mountains, forests and desert canyons – combined with rich and fertile agricultural lands well-suited for farming and ranching.

Idahoans involved in Agriculture have deep roots in the land and know that caring for the land benefits their bottom line and future generations.

Conservation the Idaho Way reflects the conviction that the very best way to care for and enhance the soil, water, air, plants and wildlife is through voluntary, locally led stewardship.

Conservation the Idaho Way is utilizing the state’s natural resources to benefit Idahoans while maintaining and improving those resources for future generations.

For FY2019-20, the Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission will be undergoing administrative rule changes under the Omnibus Rulemaking process. Go to the 2019-20 OMNIBUS RULEMAKING for additional information.
In FY2019-20, the Idaho Soil & Water Conservation Commission also intends to promulgate a change in the rules for the administration of the Resource Conservation & Rangeland Development Program (RCRDP) 60.05.01. Read more about the 2019-20 RCRDP PROPOSED ADMINISTRATIVE RULE CHANGES.

Our Commission holds monthly public meetings. Click here for meeting information including dates, times agendas and minutes.

Upcoming Events

Sep 26
Regular Commission Meeting 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Oct 14
Oct 16
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