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Statute & Rules

The Idaho Soil & Water Conservation Commission is governed by Idaho Statute and Rules.


Title 22 Agriculture and Horticulture
Chapter 27 Soil Conservation Districts

22-2714 – Payments of Federal Aid to Various Counties by State Controller.
22-2715 – Short Title.
22-2716 – Legislative Determination and Declaration of Policy.
22-2717 – Definitions.
22-2718 – Idaho State Soil and Water Conservation Commission.
22-2719 – Creation of Soil Conservation Districts.
22-2720 – Consolidation Of or Deletion From and Addition to New Or Existing Districts.
22-2721 – Election, Appointment, Qualifications and Tenure of Supervisors.
22-2722 – Powers of Districts and Supervisors.
22-2723 – Cooperation between Districts.
22-2724 – State Agencies to Cooperate.
22-2725 – Discontinuance of Districts.
22-2726 – Funds or Assistance Provided By County from County General Fund.
22-2727 – Allocation of Funds to Districts.
22-2730 – Resource Conservation And Rangeland Development Fund Created.
22-2731 – Allocation of Fund.
22-2732 – Loans from Fund — Application — Approval — Repayment.
22-2733 – Grants from State Soil and Water Conservation Commission General Fund — Application — Approval — Grant Agreement.
22-2734 – Cost-Share from State Soil and Water Conservation Commission General Fund — Application — Approval.
22-2735 – Payments by The State Soil And Water Conservation Commission — Rules — Approval Of Attorney General — Audit Of Payments.

Agency Rules

The Conservation Commission implements, prescribes, or interprets the statutes passed by the Legislature through administrative rules. The Commission proposes and the Legislature approves state agency administrative rule(s) to carry out the statutory or policy mandates found in enabling statutes. Last year the Commission’s fee rule was presented to the Legislature which adjourned before approving any fee rules. The rules submitted remain in effect as temporary rules though since the Governor approved the extension of fee rules temporarily. The proposed rule seeks to have the Legislature approve the fee rule permanently this year (and is the same rule that was proposed last year). 

60.05.01, Rules of the Idaho State Soil and Water Conservation Commission

Current Rulemaking

Rules of the Idaho State Soil and Water Conservation Commission, IDAPA 60.05.01

The pending rules were adopted by the Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission on August 29, 2019, and submitted to the Idaho Legislature for review. On February 17, 2020, the Board adopted these rules as temporary to be effective upon adjournment sine die of the Second Regular Session of the 65th Idaho Legislature in the event the Legislature did not approve the rules. The Legislature did not approve the pending rules, and the temporary rules became effective March 20, 2020. 

Proposed Rule IDAPA 60: Idaho State Soil & Water Conservation Commission (Docket #60-0000-2000F) is unchanged since  it was proposed to the Legislature in the 2019-2020 session. The Commission held a public hearing on August 13, 2020, and approved the Proposed Rule and Cost Benefit Analysis. A Public Hearing on the Proposed Rule and Cost-Benefit Analysis was held on September 21, 2020. No comments were received (see Notice for written comments deadline).  At its November 5, 2020 meeting the Commission adopted the Rule to be submitted to the Legislature for approval this session as a Pending Rule.

To date (January 22, 2021), the Rule has been reviewed and approved by the Senate Agricultural Affairs Committee and is being scheduled before the House Agricultural Affairs Committee.

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