Conservation Partners

Partnerships are paramount in achieving a multitude of voluntary conservation projects throughout the state of Idaho. These are Idaho's traditional conservation partners.

Boots On The Ground Conservation Commission NRCS Conservation Districts

  • State The Conservation Commission provides financial and technical support to sow the seeds of stewardship statewide. Typically, $1.3 million annually goes directly to Idaho's 50 soil and water conservation districts for operations and projects. Commission staff provides technical support to districts and landowners on projects. We also provide low-interest loans for equipment and projects that result in conservation benefits.
  • Federal Our key federal partner, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), also provides technical assistance to districts and landowners for conservation projects.
  • Local Idaho's 50 conservation districts work with landowners to implement conservation projects. Districts can also receive financial and in-kind support from cities, counties, other government agencies, and nonprofit groups. Some district projects may have as many as 10 partners involved.
  • Landowners Farmers, ranchers and other landowners are the most important part of the partnership. Without their cooperation, boots-on-the-ground conservation projects would not be possible.